Behind the Coffee Cup…

Wife. Mom. Stepmom.

Coffee Lover. Oil User.

I don’t consider myself any type of “Mom” (i.e. crunchy, helicopter, competitive, granola, frenemy, perfect, hot mess, you get the idea). I just love my kids and try and make the best decisions as I need to make them.

The kids. There are three. I have two stepsons, ages 7 and 11 and a 5 month old baby girl.

And Duke. The dog. I’m his Mommy too.

I love my husband. He’s everything.

If I won the lottery I wouldn’t leave our home.

I could live in Florida forever, I love it here.

I don’t take myself too seriously.

I’m a homebody who only started drinking (wine) after I had kids.

Our life is crazy, unpredictable, full of love and finding random things in the couch. I love it and our oddball family.

And I love to write it out 🙂