I Guess I Can Add “Hurricane” to the Lavender List…

We interrupt the regularly scheduled post to talk about Lavender real quick.

Yesterday when I was putting the inside of our house back together from hunkering down from Irma I came across my sideways bottle of lavender in the bathroom. Around 2:00 a.m. the night of the hurricane I was jolted awake by transformers blowing up and those suckers are LOUD! It scared the crap out of me and I knew there was no more sleeping after that. The wind was whipping around like crazy and mine & my husband’s phones were beeping constantly with warnings. The good news in all of this mess was the kids were all zonked out and slept the entire night so I was grateful for that.

Somehow we didn’t lose power but I felt myself getting nervous the more and more I watched the news and the tornado warnings that kept popping up. I was actually feeling myself about to drift off to sleep again when around 3:45 am my phone, my husband’s phone, our TV and the TV in the kid’s room went crazy with a tornado warning and on the news they were tracking a cell of high winds headed right towards our area and the weather guy even called out our neighborhood in the path of this tornado. I think if there was ever a time my heart was going to beat out of my chest it was this moment. My mind was going in a bunch of directions….”wake up the hubs” “Get the kids” “Get the dogs” “Gotta get my mother in law” (she was staying with us), “”Should we get in the hallway or the bathroom” “Grab a blanket” “Oh sh*t I forgot to take the pictures off of the wall”. You know, all of the normal things one thinks about at 3:45 am during a hurricane. I tried waking up my husband and told him and he was like, “Eh, I think its ok. We’re fine” and closes his eyes!!  I didn’t know whether to laugh or flick him in the forehead (lovingly!). I didn’t do either because the weatherman said the tornado had dissipated before it got any further in its projected track. I was obviously relieved but wide awake and needed to take a minute to calm down. I went into the bathroom, grabbed the lavender because it was right there, put a drop on my wrists and behind my ears and took a few deep breaths inhaling it right from the bottle. Within a minute I felt myself calming down, my heart rate slowing down back to normal, and I relaxed enough to even go lay back down and ride it out with the news people for the rest of the night. I didn’t sleep but I also didn’t jump when the huge branches from the big tree in our backyard smacked onto the roof above our bedroom. It was a long night but the kids had no idea, we didn’t have any major damage to our home and somehow we never even lost power even though there were a bunch of down power lines in our driveway and front yard. My heart truly goes out to all of those down in the Keys and all across Florida who have extensive damage to their homes and cities.

It kind of made me chuckle a little bit when I saw the sideways lavender because I was thinking that during such a crazy situation, I go and reach for this little bottle of oil. Sounds kind of weird I know but I did it because they make a difference. I use lavender for help with everything (burns, cuts, scrapes, calming, relaxing, in the diffusers, with the baby, with the boys, with the dog, etc) and now I guess I can add “Hurricane” to the list! If you don’t have this in your life yet, you need it!

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